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Waste and Recycling

Waste Removal and Commercial Recycling Service in Jersey and Guernsey

We Can Remove Your Construction Waste and Collect Your Bulk Recycling in Jersey and Guernsey

Profreight works in close partnership with the States of Jersey and Guernsey to offer a comprehensive waste removal and recycling service to companies throughout the Channel Islands.

Allied to our specialism in the construction sector, we remove waste from building sites and recycling plants across Jersey and Guernsey, and transport it to the mainland, where it is reutilised, reused and recycled.

Looking to Transport Bulk Recycled Waste from Jersey or Guernsey?

In an environment increasingly driven by regulation and legislation, Profreight’s waste management specialism cuts through bureaucratic constraints to offer a sustainable, cost-effective and ecologically responsible alternative to the traditional response of incineration and landfill.

Choosing an experienced third party such as Profreight to manage your recycling collections can help your company reach its sustainability goals, by ensuring that your cardboard, paper and plastic is appropriately recycled.

Profreight’s recycling collection service for Jersey and Guernsey provides a convenient option for sectors who produce a large amount of recyclable waste, including building sites, factories and retailers. Hassle-free, compliant, and efficient, our comprehensive fleet of vehicles can collect your recycling at your request and ship it to the mainland, where it will be responsibly recycled.

Looking for Construction Waste Removal in Jersey or Guernsey?

Environmental regulations regarding waste, especially mixed hazardous waste, can seem confusing and complicated. If you are concerned about meeting compliance legislations, choosing an experienced waste collection company such as Profreight will give your businesses peace of mind that your waste has been disposed of responsibly.

Discover more free space, less clutter and reduce the amount of waste ending up in landfill with regular waste collections from Profreight. We take care of the entire collection and removal process, so you don’t have to worry about hiring a skip or heavy machinery. Our comprehensive commercial fleet capable of carrying a wide range of bulky and awkward loads can collect your waste, ship it to the mainland and separate your collection to be processed for recycling or landfill.

What Types of Waste Removal and Recycling Services Do We Offer?

Profreight specialises in fuss-free waste and recycling collection that won’t disrupt your working day. Service levels provided include next day collection, specific day or collection and weekend/evening/out of hours’ removal. In short, we will collect your waste and recycling when and where required to meet your exact needs.

Why Choose Profreight to Manage Your Waste and Recycling in Jersey or Guernsey?

With over 30 years of experience in the shipping of waste and recycling from Jersey and Guernsey to the mainland, Profreight are experts in waste management compliance and landfill regulations. We specialise in the collection of bulky, cumbersome waste and recycling, and can arrange a pick-up time that suits you.

With depots in Portsmouth, St. Helier and St. Sampsons and a wide range of specialist vehicles, we can collect your waste and recycling and ship it directly to the mainland to be processed, avoiding unnecessary trans-shipping and reducing your carbon footprint.

How Much Will It Cost?

Our bespoke waste and recycling service in Jersey and Guernsey is tailored to each individual customer’s requirements. To get a quote, please email us at, call us on 01534 769581 or fill out our quote request form.


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